You are more than you have become. Don't feel that way? You will. Together, we'll change your life one BIG JUICY goal at a time!


I help women with chronic illness show up for their goals in life and in business




Get A Head Start With These Powerful Cheat Sheets

  • If you have big dreams ... you need a plan! This simple worksheet creates an accountability container for you to show up for your goals every day.

  • Your mind can be your best asset or your worst enemy. Make sure that you have a powerful ally on your journey to reach your goals by using this worksheet to reboot your mindset


Kind Words

  • I knew I wanted to work as a virtual assistant but, I wasn't sure how to find clients and build trust so they would hire me. After using Jayleen's tips, I grew my audience to more than 200 subscribers on my email list and I have a thriving virtual assisting business that makes a full-time income.

    Virtual Assistant
  • I have always loved writing. But, I wasn't sure how to quit my 9-to-5 and grow a business as a professional writer. Thankfully, I found Jayleen, who was a guide and a friend through the whole process. As a result, I wrote blog posts for a client this morning from the park while my kids played.

    Freelance Writer
  • I am a nurse and am super passionate about helping women with their heart health. But, I had no idea where to start with growing an audience and getting my message out to women all over the country. The steps that Jayleen taught me made it clear and systematic. I was able to grow my audience while I worked full-time as a nurse and now I have a blog that I LOVE!

    RN, Nutrition Blog
  • When I was moving my coaching business into the online space - I was struggling with how to make those connections with people using virtual communication. Jayleen helped me grow an audience that is full of people who trust my message and believe in my ability to help them and that has been in valuable in the online track of my business.


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